Friday, 23 March 2012

J'ai Fait Une Promesse

We live and die in an approximately same manner ... that is alone.

And then we realise it's all a lie.

Social norms, the search for our other half, all a bogus plan to make us go through a lifetime of deception.

The art of magic is to turn the audience's attention to where they think they want to look at ...


  1. i regret to tell you that i partly disagree with your statement...

    we come to life just because 2 people mixed-up (combined) their energy fields in order to produce us, no J.C. theories, no scientific explanations... no bulls***ing around.

    simply and clearly flow of energy.

    so there you go, you are not born or die on the same manner... alone... being alone, is just a state of mind. an idea. in fact, is the other way around... you are never alone.

    as William A. Ward once said... "...before you speak, listen. before you write, think..."
    so clearly, as a form of joke "before you fart, smell."

    nothing is more powerful than an idea. feeling everything is a lie makes loneliness prevail. begin your day, the other way around... with a smile and a positively thinking. things in our life are easy, it's ourselves that make them hard for us. at the end of your day, before you fall asleep... just think... "how can i do things better tomorrow ?"

    then... fall asleep... each dream (nightmare or not) you make lasts for only a few seconds...
    so there you go, dream freely... dream the way you want.

    if you do that for few days, you will figure out that in your dreams... you control everything... so everything begins from your inner character. from who you are deep inside you.

    nothing is more powerful than an idea, stop at nothing.

  2. Per Joseph Conrad's words "We live as we dream ... alone". That by itself would suffice for me, being an avid admirer of Conrad's work and ideas but I pause for a minute on the predicament you bring about regarding ideas. Ideas are conceived in an environment of solitude, and environment society and ourselves inflict upon us, either willingly or involuntarily. I do not wish to discredit brain storming or all the other merry go round societal patterns of collective thinking, but even Jesus himself spent 40 days in the desert all by himself before he started preaching.

    Just think of the first human being who invented and pragmatically experienced the term solitude.

    He lives as he dreams .... alone ...

    Do not be fooled by what you see or what you hear. It is what you feel that matters most. And as subjective as this may be, it carries its own basis of objectivity.