Sunday, 18 August 2013

Captain's Log

After staring at the screen for more than five hours and falling in a permanent typing - deleting ad nauseam whilst trying to find something pleasant and semi optimistic to talk about, I have decided to let the whole thing go.

I wish I were five again
And have all the time in the world
To sit on my front porch
And watch the sun go down
Covered by the shade of the cypress trees.

There is no time all year round
Sadder than a summertime afternoon.

There was a time i could speak of nymphs and satyrs
There was a time I believed in myths, heroes and martyrs
And as a kid I used to cry
Both when sad and happy.

How things have changed
We all think, feel and breathe alike
Senseless machines in a motionless struggle
For the neverending repetition
Of anything pointless, tepid and downright ugly.

I seem to have forgotten the day
when I last cried
And this scares me the most
since there is nothing left for me to write.

Is this the time
when we bid farewell?
Or do we save our goodbyes
till we meet again
To fool ourselves
about feelings, joy, beauty and life?

1 comment:

  1. Just put pen to paper. Put whatever your minds eye dispells. Try not to write, try not to feel. I dare you not to renew both.