Monday, 5 November 2012

Quo Vadis Domine ...

I watched your steps disappear on the sand
by the endless movement of a lingering wave,

Quo vadis Domine,
I cried
and my voice echoed through the mountains,
but to no avail.

Because you could not hear
or I could not see your tears.

Quo vadis Domine,
Deserted by your children
on a vast wasteland of no tomorrow.
You taught us to love
and we chose to ignore.
You taught us to forgive
but we chose to forget.

Quo vadis Domine,
Our peril is near
Your children decided that deities are obsolete this year.
We live our lives through digital lies
mischievous environments and treacherous careers.

I still ask you,
Quo vadis Domine,

I am here,
Extending my arm,
awaiting for your grasp.
Yet shy away from your sight,
in fear of seeing your tears.

I once thought,
It's hard not to hate,
In our state of self inflicted solitude.

How wrong was I,
since solitude is never self inflicted ...

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